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What an intriguing Ayleid ruin we discovered here in the wilds of the Gold Coast! I've marked it on our maps so that Kireth and I can return in the future and properly explore and catalog the place. As far as I can tell, the door into the ruins is sealed tight. I don't think anyone has been inside a long, long time.

What a dilemma! We have a funded expedition waiting for us in far off Hammerfell, but thus enticing ruin is sitting right here, waiting patiently for us to enter its depths. If only Kireth and I had the gold, we'd buy the necessary equipment and get inside in no time.

Well, let me make a few notes. I hate using Kireth's journals, since the pages have an annoying habit of falling out, but it's all I have on hand. I'm sure I won't lose this page. I am the brilliant Raynor Vanos, after all.


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