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Irarak is a Vampiric Dunmer who resides in Morrowind. He can be found in Ginith Ancestral Tomb just west of Gnisis. Irarak is a of the Berne vampiric bloodline, however he is not a member of the Berne Clan (possibly due to the fact he believes he is a god).


Irarak wasn't born with his current name. He used to be called Gulmon Droth.

He has created a cult that now resides in the Ginith Ancestral Tomb. He and his followers think of him as a god.


The Cult of Lord IrarakEdit


  • It is likely that Irarak changed his name from Gulmon to Irarak when he created his cult.
  • If the Nerevarine is not a vampire then he will not be hostile.
  • He will invite a non-vampiric Nerevarine to join his cult. Despite this joining his cult is not possible.
  • He shares his original name with Gulmon Droth, a seemingly unrelated character living in Kragenmoor in The Elder Scrolls Online.


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