Not to be confused with Iron-Heel.

Iron-Claws is an Argonian residing in the region of Bal Foyen.


Unorthodox TacticsEdit

The dialogue that starts the quest:

A moment, please. No one else will listen. I have an idea that could help turn the tide against the Covenant.
What's your idea?
Bal Foyen doesn't have much of a militia to defend it, but we do have netch. Netch bulls are usually docile, but when they think their herd is threatened, they're fearsome.
You want to attack the Covenant with netch?
That's right. When a betty or netchling feels threatened, it secretes a kind of oil that provokes a bull's rage. I collected some oil and coated these sterile netch eggs with it. Throw them at the Daggers. The netch bulls should attack them.
I'll give it a try.

When talked to just after the dialogue above and before completing the task, he says:

I hope you're finding my Treated Netch Eggs useful. Let me know how well they work for you.

The dialogue after the task is completed:

So, how did it go?
Your idea worked great.
Excellent, yes? I'll let the commanders here know of our success. I hope we'll see each other again. Stay moist.

When talked to after completing the quest, he says:

It's good to see some people have open minds. I hope to see you again, friend.