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An Iron Cuirass is a piece of Iron Armor and is available in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. Its armor rating depends on the character's skill in Heavy Armor. It has the lowest armor rating of all heavy armor sets.

Magical variantsEdit

These versions are only found as random loot and may appear starting at level 3.

Name ID GoldIcon Enchantment
Cuirass of Resistance 00049515 2185 Resist Normal Weapons 7%
Cuirass of Skill 0004950C 685 Fortify Heavy Armor 6pts.
Ironheart Cuirass 00049502 2335 Fortify Health 15pts.
Rugged Cuirass 00049501 685 Fortify Endurance 6pts.


This armor type can be found in the following locations:


The following characters use this cuirass: