It's All In The Taste is a quest in The Elder Scrolls V: Dragonborn.


Speak to Geldis Sadri in the Retching Netch and ask about the specialty of the house. He reveals that he has a new recipe for sujamma that he would like to market to the residents of Raven Rock:

So what's the specialty of the house?: "The finest sujamma to cross your lips, friend. My own personal formula that I call "Sadri's Sujamma." In fact, I've just added some new ingredients to the mixture that I think makes it taste better than ever. All I need to do is get the word out that it's ready and they'll flock here for it."

I could help spread the word: "I was kind of hoping you'd say that. Here, take these samples of the sujamma and spread the word. If you get rid of all of them, there's something extra in it for you."


Find ten different people in Raven Rock and give them a sample of Sadri's sujamma. His sujamma will be accepted by the following people:

Character Reaction
Aphia Velothi "Well that sounds lovely. Thank you."
Bralsa Drel "The day I refuse sujamma from Geldis is the day I sprout wings and fly off of this rock."
Cindiri Arano "Oh, how kind. Thank Geldis for me, won't you?"
Crescius Caerellius "Hmph, he's begging for patrons again, eh? Well, I suppose I could have just a bit."
Dreyla Alor "At least my father will let me drink whatever I want without complaining. Tell Geldis I appreciate it."
Fethis Alor "Geldis needs to bottle this up and send it to the mainland instead of wasting his time out here... his drinks are outstanding. Thanks."
Garyn Ienth "Always a pleasure to taste anything Geldis comes up with."
Gjalund Salt-Sage "There's nothing finer than dark elf sujamma... like nectar it is."
Glover Mallory "Perfect! I was just thinking about heading over for a drink. Thanks for saving me the trip."
Lleril Morvayn "Good old Geldis is always managing to keep our spirits up... and our eyesight hazy. Thank you."
Milore Ienth "I should mix some of this into my next potion... who knows what would happen!"
Mirri Severin "Well, tell Geldis that Mirri says she really appreciates it."
Tilisu Severin "Sure, got nothing better to do."

These people will accept multiple samples of the suajmma if a 24-hour interval has elapsed. This is helpful if the Dragonborn cannot locate ten characters who will accept a sample, a non-essential person has died or a quest has removed them from the list.

These characters however, will not accept the sujamma if the offer is given to them:

  • Adril Arano: "What? Oh, no thank you. I need to keep my head clear."
  • Drovas Relvi: "Sorry, Master Geldis won't allow me to drink while I'm working at the Netch."
  • Elder Othreloth: "Get that vile liquid away from me!"
  • Mogrul: "Take that swill and pour it down a well."
  • Vendil Severin: "Sorry, I'm too busy right now."

Once ten people have been given a sample, return to Geldis and let him know. He will exclaim "Perfect! All that's left now is to go ahead and wait for the patrons to come in. As promised, here's a little something for yourself." and reward the Dragonborn with a leveled amount of gold.

Gjalund Salt-Sage will only accept the sujamma when his ship is docked in Windhelm.


Level Gold
1–29 250
30–39 500
40–49 1000
50–59 1500
60+ 2000


It's All In The Taste – DLC2RRFavor04
IDJournal Entry
  • Objective 10: Distribute Sadri's Sujamma (<Global=DLC2RRF04DrinkCount>/10)
  • Objective 20: Tell Geldis Sadri you've distributed his liquor samples
  • Quest complete


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  • Samples accepted will not be removed from the inventory nor will it be tallied as a sample accepted. The speech option to offer the sujamma to that person will disappear for 24 hours. The sujamma on hand can be dropped, sold (for 0 gold, the merchant will sell it back for 1 gold) or stored. If the Dragonborn then returns to Sadri the speech option "I'm all out of Sadri's Sujamma." will appear. He will then say "Here's a bit more, I hope you're not drinking it yourself." and hand over two more bottles. This can be repeated.