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This article contains pre-release content.
Pre-release related content is unconfirmed and may be changed or removed before official release.
Dreugh Shell Armor (Legends)

Dreugh Shell Armor, an Item Card

Item cards are a type of card in The Elder Scrolls: Legends that enhances a creature's Power and Health, being targeted at the wanted Creature. Item cards cost Magicka as well as any other card. Redguard cards are highly affiliated with Item Cards and many benefit from using them. When a Creature gets affected by an Item card, it's Health and Power show up in green.

List of item cardsEdit

Name Power Health Additional Effect Cost
Dreugh Shell Armor 3 3 None 4
Heavy Battleaxe 4 1 None 4
Improvised Weapon 1 1 Breakthrough 0
Steel Scimitar 2 2 None 1
Bone Bow 1 0 Summon: Silence another Creature 2
Assassin's Bow 3 0 Summon: Give wielder Cover at the end of a turn. 3
Steel Sword 3 0 None 2
Mace of Encumbrance 2 1 Summon: Shackle an enemy Creature. 3
Tome of Alteration 2 2 Summon: Draw a card. 4
Legion Shield 1 3 None 2
Snake Tooth Necklace 1 1 Drain 2
Daedric Dagger 1 1 Lethal 2
Hackwing Feather 1 3 Regenerate 3
Imperial Armor 0 6 None 3
Sentinel Battleaxe 4 0 Ward 4
Maple Shield 0 3 None 0

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