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"I don't recall inviting you into my house. Leave quickly, or we will have a problem!"
―J'Ghasta, when the Hero breaks in to his house[src]

J'Ghasta quote

J'Ghasta is a Khajiit Speaker of the Dark Brotherhood's Black Hand. He resides at his home in the city of Bruma, where he spends most of his time training himself in unarmed combat.


Broken VowsEdit

According to Dead Drop Orders 3, J'Ghasta is the next target for the Hero. When the Hero walks in his house, and the area where the most blankets are is visited, one will see a hidden trap door to J'Ghasta's basement. When the Hero gets down to the basement, they must kill J'Ghasta. 


  • After J'Ghasta dies, the Hero can go back up to J'Ghasta's beer keg and lockpick the Very Hard lock. In the keg is a set of Black Hand Robes and a Black Hand Hood, proof of J'Ghasta's involvement with the Black Hand.


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