"Thank you for finding me! The mushrooms have kept me alive for some time now. Lead the way, and I'll help anyway I can."

J'Hanir is a Khajiit found at Fort Firemoth.


J'Hanir tells the Nerevarine he was left behind when the fort was overrun, and that he survived by eating the mines' mushrooms.


Siege at FiremothEdit

He is located in the mines and will help the Nerevarine finish the quest. He remains a follower after the quest.


J'Hanir can only be found by the Nerevarine through the use of a Levitation spell, or the Firemoth Dungeon.

  1. To find J'Hanir through the use of Levitation, the Nerevarine has to use a levitation spell in the first room of the Firemoth Mines and reach him.
  2. To find J'Hanir through the use of the dungeon, the Nerevarine has to open the door to the left of the cell leading to the Firemoth mines, and activate the brick wall.