"J'mhad keeps the ground of the Temple nice and neat. Other things, J'mhad does, when they ask."

J'mhad quote

J'mhad is a Khajiit residing in the Imperial City. J'mhad is the groundskeeper of the Temple of the One in the Arboretum, and can be most often found there.


J'mhad spends most of his time inside the temple, only leaving to go to his home nearby to eat or sleep.

As a Healer, J'mhad can use several different spells in combat, including major Destruction and Restoration spells. He can also summon basic Conjuration spells.

He is not involved in any quest, nor does he provide any useful dialogue. When spoken to, he will simply talk about himself or his home district.


  • "The Arboretum. That's where J'mhad likes to go. Always quiet, always green."