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"I don't like you, but I hate that other J'zidzo more. Those Manics are crazy. Crazy!"
―The Dementia J'zidzo, refering to his Mania counterpart[src]

J'zidzo (Dementia) quote

J'zidzo is a Khajiit thief who resides in the Shivering Isles in the settlement of Split. He shares his name with a Mania version of himself in the same town. Despite having the same name and appearance, they share no other traits besides their hatred for each other.

The Dementia J'zidzo is bitter and angry; whenever spoken to, he keeps bringing up his undying hatred for his double and his desire for his death. He spends most of his time walking around or talking to his spouse Atrabhi.


The Great DivideEdit

Both of the J'zidzos want to see the other die, but are unwilling to deal with the price of killing "themselves" and being sent to the Hill of Suicides. They will send the Hero to their Horkvir Bear-Arm and state that he has a plan to fix the problem.

Depending on which side is chosen, one of the J'zidzos will be killed, making the other happy to finally be the only one left.