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—Forced to leave Solitude. Jarl Svargrim believes the method lost, my research pointless. That's fine. I'm not doing this for him.

—Thirty days since. I've traveled south and east, visiting as many barrows as I can. The draugr are no threat to me, though the stronger ones take much of my energy to dominate fully. I need rest, but there is no time.

—Turned away at the gates of Whiterun. Despite my care with the body, even the enchantments to dim the smell, it seems most are not comfortable with an old Nord carrying his wife's corpse into the town square.

—I saw her this time. A ghostly figure that cried out for me to stop. I tried to tell her it has to be this way. I know it must be tormenting her to be so bound, but it is only temporary. Soon she will live on eternally. I will never lose her again.

—Arrived at Ivarstead. I kept the body and my supplies hidden just outside the village. No one here knows anything about the draugr curse that could help me, but no matter. At nightfall, I will move into the barrow and see what I can learn. At the very least, it will give me a place to rebind her.

I'm sorry, my dear. Just a little longer.