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Janus Hassildor

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Janus Hassildor
Janus Hassildor
Race Imperial
Gender Male
Level PC+20
Class Noble
Faction Nobility
Rank Count
Ref ID 0002EC35
Base ID 00028FAE
"The Count of Skingrad is not all he seems. Let's just say I'm not the only one who enjoys his evenings."
Vicente Valtieri

Janus Hassildor is the Count of Skingrad and reputed to be a powerful mage.


In 3E 383 (fifty years before the Oblivion Crisis), Janus and his wife Rona fell victim to vampires. Both survived, but were infected with the disease Porphyric Hemophilia and became vampires themselves. While Janus came to accept his new life, Rona saw her vampiric existence as only a curse and refused to drink the blood needed to keep her healthy; she soon fell into a coma caused by despair and malnutrition. Janus has been looking for a way to cure his wife to help her find the peace she craves.

As a count, Janus has proven to be very successful. Despite his private life away from the world, his people have come to love and respect him. Only a few people are aware the count is a vampire. Two of his advisors, Shum gro-Yarug and Hal-Liurz, know and keep his secret. They work as his representatives and handle almost everything on his behalf. It is these two that are commonly encountered when visiting the castle.

He feels no kinship toward and even hates other vampires, seeing them as mindless creatures who have given in to animal instinct. He also doesn't want to bring suspicion on himself by fraternising with them. Because of this, he has no tolerance for other vampires who enter the area.

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  • There are a few people outside Janus's trusted few who know about his curse. Vicente Valtieri of the Dark Brotherhood states that "The Count of Skingrad is not all he seems. Let's just say I'm not the only one who enjoys his evenings..." and Raminus Polus of the Mages Guild also seems to have an idea, although he doesn't seem to be entirely sure of this.
  • It is somewhat peculiar that his vampirism has gone almost completely unnoticed for fifty years, despite being a public figure.
  • Although he is an essential NPC, he is still listed as one of the Blood Price characters for Lost Histories.
  • It is possible that when you get arrested for committing a crime related to him after you serve your time Janus will be waiting for you outside. If it is day time he will have red skin and may be steaming as the sun burns him, but his essential status ensures he takes no damage.


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