"Thank you, stranger. I was near to slitting my own wrists. If it's slavery or suicide, I'll take suicide."

Jaree-Eeto is an Argonian slave located inside Khartag Point on Vvardenfell. He was one of the slaves seeking escape from slavers which used Khartag and his Ropefish gang as means to do so.


A Smuggler's Last StandEdit

As Khartag and his gang fight on desperately against a losing battle, they try to escape captivity with their fugitive slaves. Jaree-Eeto is one of them, and the Vestige is tasked with retrieving him from danger.


What do the Camonna Tong plan to do with you? "Difficult to say. Slaves are a valuable commodity. I suspect they would kill us outright or sell us back to our previous masters. The sum we paid to Khartag was meager - too meager for the Camonna Tong anyway. They will not take us home."

How much did you pay him? "Far less than he deserved. A turtle-heart beats in Khartag's chest. Hard on the outside, soft on the inside, you see? I hope he has not come to harm."
The other slave is waiting outside with Nakhul. Go find them. "Slave? Do you not mean slaves? Mabkir and Wih-Waska escaped, didn't they?"
Wih-Waska survived but Mabkir wasn't so lucky. You should get going. "Mabkir is dead? But, he was alive when I... I know you did all you could. Thank you, friend. Hist watch over you."


  • "No! You will not put me in chains again! No one will!" – When Camonna Tong members attack the Vestige and Jaree-Eeto