"Yes, Baurus told you right. I am the Grandmaster of the Blades. We serve the Emperor and the Septim bloodline. Talos is our patron."

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Jauffre is a Breton blade residing in the Weynon House, within the Weynon Priory. He is the grandmaster of the Blades.


Friendship with Uriel SeptimEdit

Uriel Oblivion

Having continuously proven a valuable asset to the Blades, he soon was promoted to Captain of the Palace Squadron, a group of Blades charged with the security of the Emperor within the walls of White-Gold Tower. As a captain of the Blades, he was the main guardian and became a trusted friend of Emperor Uriel Septim VII.

One night, Uriel asked for Jauffre's presence in his chambers. As Jauffre entered the room, a small basket caught his attention, for inside lay a baby boy. At once Jauffre knew that the boy was the son of the Emperor, yet an illegitimate heir to the throne. Uriel ordered Jauffre to take the boy, Martin, to a secret location where he could grow up free from the machinations of the palace. Jauffre took upon this task unquestioningly and left the basket upon a farmer's doorstep whom he deemed appropriate. Over the course of the following years, Uriel would ask about the boy's progress from time to time.

Weynon PrioryEdit

Eventually, Jauffre was promoted to Grandmaster of the Blades. As he became older, Jauffre retired to live as a monk in Weynon Priory.

Personality and traitsEdit


Jauffre with Baurus and Martin Septim in Cloud Ruler Temple

"We are honored to have Grandmaster Jauffre, or Brother Jauffre as he prefers, as a resident here."
Brother Piner[src]

Jauffre was very dedicated to Uriel Septim VII and to the Empire. He held some disdain for the Elder Council, stating that they had no power over him or the other Blades members. He held the safety and regard of the land above all else and would do anything to see Tamriel free from the hordes of Oblivion. Despite his age, Jauffre was also an exceptional fighter, possessing skills akin to that of a master warrior. Wielding an Akaviri Dai-Katana and specializing in both heavy armor and magic, Jauffre is more than an average fighter capable of fighting the toughest of opponents.

Jauffre acts as a mentor to Martin and the Hero throughout the crisis and did whatever he could in the way of guidance so that the two could ultimately stop the forces of Oblivion. In the end, he was deemed a hero.

Elder Scrolls IV: OblivionEdit

Several years later, in 3E 433, Uriel Septim was assassinated in the secret escape route out of the Imperial City. Jauffre hearing this despaired until the Hero of Kvatch brought the Amulet of Kings to him. At first, Jauffre assumed the only way for the Hero to have the amulet would be if he had played a part in the murder of the Emperor, but as the Hero conveyed Uriel Septim's last words, Jauffre understood that such message could only come from the deceased ruler. Eventually, Jauffre told the Hero of Martin's whereabouts: Martin was a Priest of Akatosh in the city of Kvatch. The Hero was to travel to Kvatch and bring Martin back safely so they could seek refuge within the walls of the Blade's headquarters of Cloud Ruler Temple, and trace a plan of action to overturn the Mythic Dawn.

While the Hero was away, the Priory came under attack. Mythic Dawn assassins rushed in and attempted to kill Jauffre, who was alerted to their presence by a fellow monk's scream. Jauffre managed to defend himself and met with the Hero and a young man, who had just arrived at the Priory. Together they took care of the remaining assassins and rushed to Jauffre's study, only to find that the Amulet of Kings had been stolen. He had almost given up hope when he recognized the young man brought by the Hero as Martin, and decided to leave for Cloud Ruler Temple immediately as to ensure Martin's safety.

Oblivion CrisisEdit

At Cloud Ruler Temple in northern Cyrodiil, Jauffre presented Martin to the Blades and recruited the Hero of Kvatch as a Knight Brother of the Blades. Several days later, he dispatched the Hero to meet with Baurus in the Imperial City. After the Hero had returned Jauffre sent him to kill some Mythic Dawn spies and close an Oblivion gate outside of Bruma. Jauffre would also take an integral part in making sure Martin was protected and that every effort against the Mythic Dawn was attended too.

TESIV Obliviongate

An Oblivion Gate during the Oblivion Crisis.

Jauffre would then be one of the chief defenders in the Second Battle of Bruma alongside Baurus, Martin and the Hero, fighting bravely and fiercely despite his old age until the Hero would manage to close the Great Gate and claim victory for the battle. Jauffre then expresses joy to the victory, but also notes that the crisis is not yet over.

When the Hero went into Paradise, Jauffre dispatched Baurus to the Imperial City in order to tell the Elder Council of Martin and how he is the only chance that Tamriel has. When the Hero returned, Jauffre accompanied him and Martin to the Imperial City where he could light the Dragonfires and be crowned emperor.

Despite their best efforts the forces of destruction launch one final, massive assault on the Imperial City. Jauffre would take up the defense and fight once more alongside Martin, Baurus and the Hero and the group fought their way through the Imperial City. While Jauffre and Baurus fought off the hordes of Daedra, Martin and the Hero then entered the Temple of the One and saw the end of the forces of Oblivion and Mehrunes Dagon.

Jauffre arrived alongside Baurus and High Chancellor Ocato to congratulate Martin and the Hero only to discover that Martin sacrificed himself in order to defeat Mehrunes Dagon and seal the portals to Oblivion forever. He would personally congratulate the Hero and note that he was more a Champion of Tamriel than just Champion of Cyrodiil.

After the CrisisEdit

Jauffre and Baurus would return to Cloud Ruler Temple where he stated gave him some sense of certainty in such uncertain times. He also notes that Martin was probably the greatest emperor who ever lived, perhaps even rivaling Tiber Septim himself. His fate after these events is unknown other than that he remained as the Grandmaster of the Blades and would see them in their future as they return to their ancient role until the next Dragonborn arises.



Quote Audio
"The Amulet of Kings is the key to everything now."
Jauffre Quote 1
"I fear that the Amulet was the target of this attack. Go and see if it is safe!"
Jauffre Quote 2
"With the Amulet taken by the enemy, we must get Martin to safety at Cloud Ruler Temple."
Jauffre Quote 3
"He will not be forgotten. He goes to Aetherius to join the other fallen heroes of the Blades."
Jauffre Quote 4
"I'm glad to have Baurus here. He guards Martin night and day. His way of atoning for the death of Emperor Uriel, I suppose."
Jauffre Quote 5
"You wonder to find me here? Discretion is our watchword. Only a few of us have the honor to serve publicly in the Imperial Guard."
Jauffre Quote 6
"Cloud Ruler Temple was built long ago, by the founders of the Blades, back in the days of Reman Cyrodiil."
Jauffre Quote 7
"This place was built by Reman Cyrodiil's Akaviri Dragonguard, at the founding of the Second Empire."
Jauffre Quote 8
"Once Martin uses the Amulet of Kings to light the Dragonfires, the barriers between Oblivion and Tamriel will be restored."
Jauffre Quote 9
"The coronation of each new Emperor is sealed when he uses the Amulet of Kings to light the Dragonfires in the Temple of the One."
Jauffre Quote 10
"With Emperor Uriel dead and no successor crowned, the Temple of the One will be dark for the first time in centuries."
Jauffre Quote 11
"I believe that Martin's sacrifice sealed the gates of Oblivion forever. Tamriel no longer needs the protection of the Dragonfires."
Jauffre Quote 12
"The Elder Council has been governing the Empire since the Emperor's murder. They will be overjoyed to have an heir to crown."
Jauffre Quote 13
"If the Mythic Dawn manages to open a Great Gate here, the city will need a stronger garrison for there to be any hope of defending it."
Jauffre Quote 14
"Time is pressing. Martin must relight the Dragonfires before the enemy can stop us."
Jauffre Quote 15
"I hope Martin knows what to do now. I will die by his side, if this is the end."
Jauffre Quote 16
"You must enter the portal to Camoran's Paradise and reclaim the Amulet of Kings!"
Jauffre Quote 17
"We must protect Martin during the battle. He is the Empire's last hope."
Jauffre Quote 18
"I hope Martin knows what he's doing with that evil book. I fear for what it could do to him if he's not careful."
Jauffre Quote 19
"As the Grandmaster of the Blades, I would be honored to accept you into our order. Will you join us?"
Jauffre Quote 20
"The Great God of All made a covenant with St. Alessia. So long as a true heir ruled the Empire, the Great God swore to protect the Empire."
Jauffre Quote 21
"The very foundation of the Empire is the bond between god and emperor."
Jauffre Quote 22
"Against all hope, Martin cast him back into Oblivion! He will not trouble our world for long years to come."
Jauffre Quote 23
"The Emperor's words-- "Close shut the jaws of Oblivion"-- certainly suggest that he perceived some threat from Oblivion."
Jauffre Quote 24
"The Amulet of Kings is ancient. Saint Alessia herself received it from the gods. It is a holy relic of great power."
Jauffre Quote 25
"It may be that the Dragonfires protected us from a threat that only the Emperor was aware of."
Jauffre Quote 26
"I cannot believe that the attack on Kvatch is a coincidence. The enemy seem to know all our secrets."
Jauffre Quote 27
"Nowhere is truly safe against the power arrayed against us. But we must play for time, at least..."
Jauffre Quote 28
"The four mightiest Blades of Tiber Septim's day, Alain, Valdemar, Rielus, and Casnar, went to Sancre Tor and never returned."
Jauffre Quote 29
"I had hoped for more help. The Empire will stand or fall with Bruma! Have all the other cities abandoned us?"
Jauffre Quote 30


  • It is possible for Jauffre to be killed on a handful of occasions throughout the main quest, along with Baurus. He can die either during the Battle for Bruma, or during the fight in the Imperial City. This does not affect the Hero's ability to complete the quest though it does remove several unique dialogue options throughout the main quest.
  • Several of Jauffre's dialogue has also been recorded by Wes Johnson, the voice actor who has voiced all Imperials in the game.[1]


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  •  360   PS3   For some unknown reason, when the quest "Defense of Bruma" is started, Jauffre and a few guards may become hostile towards the Hero after Countess Narina Carvain is done talking in the chapel.
  • If Jauffre dies, his body never disappears, as it is considered a quest item.



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