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"I don't believe in magic, but I do believe in bones."
―Jayred Ice-Veins[src]

Jayred Ice-Veins is a Nord sharpshooter who resides in the town of Passwall. Like most people in the Shivering Isles, Jayred has a shade of madness in him. In his case, he is obsessed with the collection of bones, and believes that they speak to him after he kills something.

This obsession can be of some assistance in killing the Gatekeeper on the path to gaining access to the land past the Fringe.


Through the Fringe of MadnessEdit

Jayred can help defeat the Gatekeeper in the quest by creating bone arrows; the bones needed are in the ruins north-east of Passwall. The Hero will need to pick the lock and kill the shambles inside. Once done, the Hero and Jayred will fight the gatekeeper and deliver decent amounts of damage with the arrows.

After defeating the Gatekeeper and opening one of the Gates of Madness, Jayred will run into the Shivering Isles, presumably to hunt the native animals and game of the Isles. He can often be found later wandering the roads of Dementia or dead, near the Gates.


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