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Not to be confused with Jeanne or Jeanne Andre.
"Hello there! Are you here to join the Mages Guild?"
―Jeanne Frasoric[src]

Jeanne quote

Jeanne Frasoric is a Breton Sorcerer who lives in Bruma. She is in charge of running the Bruma chapter of the Mages Guild.


Jeanne's position as Guild Hall Leader is based solely on social skills rather than her magical ability, since she cannot even perform a simple Detect Life spell, and because of this she keeps a spell book with notes on how to perform spells in her desk.

Rumor says the only reason she has stayed on is because she has buttered up the right high-ranking members of the Mages Guild, including Raminus Polus.

Her subordinates in the guildhall are always pulling tricks on her.


Bruma RecommendationEdit

For the recommendation she will need a Detect Life spell in order to find one of her guildmembers after he suddenly disappeared. She enlists the Hero's help.

A Plot RevealedEdit

Later, Jeanne is killed during the Attack on the Mages Guild, which is part of the Assault on Bruma Guild.


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