Jearl was a Redguard who lived in the city of Bruma the final days of the Third Era. At some point, she joined the Order of the Mythic Dawn and became a Sleeper Agent in its service.


When the Mythic Dawn murdered Emperor Uriel Septim VII and setting off the Oblivion Crisis, Jearl became active for the cult once more. Partnered with Saveri Faram and operating secretly out of Bruma, she was responsible for opening several Oblivion Gates, including the one that threatened Cheydinhal. Eventually, Jearl and Saveri's actions were noticed by the Blades of Cloud Ruler Temple.

Jearl was noted for being an odd recluse, often leaving the city for extended periods of time, most likely working for the Dawn. When she did return, it was noticed with some suspicion, and this was one of the clues that led the Hero to them.



Tasked to find them and defeat them, Jearl and Saveri were eventually killed at the Hero's hands after being found. Incriminating evidence is also found in Jearl's house alerting the Blades to the Mythic Dawn's plan to attack Bruma.

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