Jeelius is an Argonian initially found unconscious on the sacrificial altar inside Lake Arrius Caverns, during the "Dagon Shrine" quest.


Dagon ShrineEdit

The Hero of Kvatch is given the choice to kill Jeelius during this quest. However:

  • If the Hero chooses not to kill him, the Mythic Dawn cultists will become hostile and attack.
  • If the Hero chooses to wake him up, he'll flee, not even giving the Hero the choice to talk to him. It's hard to protect him because he runs so fast, but it's well worth it if successful. If he gets out of the cave alive, he can be seen later on in the Temple of the One in Imperial City, Temple District. If he is visited, he'll advance the Hero's Alchemy, Restoration, and Mysticism skills by one point.

There are three ways Jeelius can die:

  • The first is to kill him when asked.
  • The second is to pick up the Mysterium Xarxes from the pedestal. When the Mysterium Xarxes is removed from the pedestal, the large statue of Mehrunes Dagon behind the Hero crumbles, usually resulting in Jeelius' death if he is still lying on the altar.
  • The third way he can get killed is when on his way out of the cave, as the cult members will attack him on sight and he won't defend himself.



  • It is possible that he will pick up a weapon and help fight but instead of fleeing, he will fight the Mythic Dawn on sight, then flee.


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