"Have you seen Brielus? Is he still setting up that stupid tent? He thinks our house is about to fall down, but I'll chance it. I'm not sleeping in a tent."
―Jena Colus[src]

Jena Colus is an Imperial found in Cheydinhal.


Spoils of WarEdit


"Plenty of salvage in a town like this; think I'll stick around for a while longer. That dead messenger will slow Marcellus down."

What does Marcellus want? "My head on a sharp stick. He's a violent, vindictive thug, and those are his good qualities. I got into debt to him, which is a bad place to be. Rather than pay up, I ran. Not far enough, apparently."
What are you going to do now? "Like I said, I think I have a little time. I'll scavenge whatever I can here, then run again. Not sure where, but I wouldn't tell you if I was. Just keep moving away from the Imperial City, I guess."