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Jerall View Inn

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Jerall View Inn
Jerall View Inn
Store Type Inn
Location Bruma
Merchant Hafid Hollowleg
Gold Limit 10000
Skill Trained Blade
Location ID BrumaJerallView

Jerall View Inn is located in the middle of Bruma. The inn is run by Hafid Hollowleg who pays Logvaar to keep things quiet. The kitchen is run by Snar the Cook. Stantus Varrid, Edla Dark-Heart, Fjotreid and Lyra Rosentia are patrons.

This two story house with a basement has the Inn at the first floor, with the private quarters on the second floor. There is a leveled jewelry box in the bedroom on the first floor. Hafid sells only foodstuffs.

Jerall View BasementEdit

The basement has comfortable beds run 150 GoldIcon a night.


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