"You stand before Jorunn, Skald-King! Do not be shaken by this one's presents. Only cowherds and concealers of fowl coops have reason to fear Jorunn's hugieness! Join us in inebriating this momental day!"
―Jester King Jorunn[src]

Jester King Jorunn is a Khajiit impersonating Jorunn the Skald-King in the Jester's Festival and acts as Festival Herald, located in southern Ebonheart.


The Jester's FestivalEdit

A scroll has made its way to the Vestige, and they must travel south of Ebonheart to meet one of three Festival Heralds, Jester King Jorunn.

A Noble GuestEdit

King Jorunn wants his bride-to-be back with him to celebrate the Festival of Fools, and so asks the Vestige to steal her from her minders using mudcrab apples.


  • "Today has seen enough boarish crime. You've earned your swill, so drink your fill, and leave my bride to some privates time."


What are we celebrating? "Time-honored Nord traditions! Fighting, food, foolishness and fortification...! Fun? Close enough. Sometimes Jorunn has trouble wrestling all the great words he knows. When it is Jester's Day, everyone is a child of Skyrim!"

What is Jester's Day? "It is the Festival of Fools! Where fools are noble, and nobles are themselves! Jorunn always believes in leading by example! When you see this one enjoying himself in fullness, are you not inspired to do the same?"
This festival seems interesting. How do I join in? "Anyway you can, so long as someone is laughing! Jorunn suggests you to prance, dance and sing before your king! Or do you seek to raise a toast and boast your deeds at my royal roast?"

"You are no ordinary fool, Jorunn knows a kind red spirit when he sees one! You must trod new ground where your feets can stand alone! I know just how to make you the sole hero of the day!"

You have a task for me? "Just so! This one is heartsick without his betrothed. What good is all this food and drink without the one you love to pick it from your teeth? But Jorunn is forbidden to see is bride-to-be until the day of our vowels."
How can I help? "Free her from her minders, so we may grow fat together! Take a token of my love, the sickly-sweet brownish flesh of mudcrab apples, and she will know I sent you. The guard cannot know their king bade the abscencing of his bride. Use cautiousness."
I'll bring your love, majesty. "This one's overlarge heart tramples in anticipations of seeing his bride-to-be!"
Why mudcrab apples? "Not many have a taste for mudcrab apples, but this one knows they are my sweet's favored sweetness. Her minders do not let her indulge in them freely and it is Jorunn's promise that she will eat as many as she likes when we are married!"

"Ho! You have brought Jorunn his bride-to-be! Or does this one's eyes sieve him? He is very toxicated."

I present your Princess, majesty. "Ah! She is tasteful, is she not? I could just eat her up! *burp* Your heroics have stirred my spirits! Haha! I must savor these tenderous moments. Rare as they are."

Does King Jorunn know you're impersonating him? "Do not let this one's Joniality deceive you into believing that Jorunn is Elsweyr. Before you is the fearsome masher of Mer and words you have heard in song and the tiny screams of scared mice!"

You're a Khajiit. "Though the heart of a senche-tiger roars within my chest, this one cannot claim to be one of those noble beasts. Jorunn's habit of laying naked in the sun does not help his case, he knows, but he assures you he is sadly a Man."

What's the real story behind the Jester's Festival? "Have the others filled your head with foibles about this holy day? Enviness leads many to claim they lead the ant-ticks, but it was the First Man who tought Mer humor, or was it that he had the last laugh? No matter, Ysgramor did everything first!"

"Now that you have hogged all the glory here, I think we will be taking this party elsewhere. Will you follow our folly of fools down this honorous path?"

Where are you headed? "To the afterlife for great rulers: Sovereigngarde! No, wait, that is not it... Vulkhel Guard! Queen Ayrenn wishes to show us true cheeriness."
I'll see you in Vulkhel Guard then.

You aren't really going to wed that pig, are you? "It's true your meatiness rivals that of Jorunn, but his only complaint is that his bride-to-be snores so much. *snores* Hah! She is warm on a cold Eastmarch night and never complains of crumbs in the bed! No other like her within my Reach.


  • Jester King Jorunn shares a voice actor with some of the Nords in Online, despite actually being a Khajiit.