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Jiub's Opus (Page 1)

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Reader (Achievement) Saint Jiub's Opus (Page 1)
Jiub's Opus Page 1
Title: Saint Jiub's Opus (Page 1)
Full Title: Saint Jiub's Opus (Page 1)
Author: Jiub

Jiub's Opus (Page 2)

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Value 0
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Jiub's Opus (Page 1) is a missing page from the first volume of Saint Jiub's twenty-six volume biography.

Known locationsEdit

  • Soul Cairn – On the south-facing side of the fortified wall, run along it heading east. There is a set of stairs adjoining the wall, at the top of which is a soul standing next to a window. Next to the window is the first Opus page.


I am a hunter. I am a redeemer. I am Jiub.

The tale of my rise to glory begins in the ash wastes of Morrowind. I rode alone, weapon at my side and the burning wind stinging my face. My quest was arduous, but necessary to ensure the survival of the Dunmer people. A pestilence was creeping across the ashlands,



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