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Jiub's Opus (Page 9)

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Reader (Achievement) Saint Jiub's Opus (Page 9)
Jiub's Opus Page 9
Title: Saint Jiub's Opus (Page 9)
Full Title: Saint Jiub's Opus (Page 9)
Author: Jiub

Jiub's Opus (Page 8)


Jiub's Opus (Page 10)

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Jiub's Opus (Page 9) is a missing page from the first volume of Saint Jiub's twenty-six volume biography.

Known locationsEdit

  • Soul Cairn - From Valerica's location, turn left and travel west until one can see a building with a crystal on top. Slightly to the right there should be another crystal atop a larger building. Find the entrance, travel through the maze-like building, (there are several chests), and find the portal, (purple circle on floor), go through portal and up stairs on right. The page will be on other side of chest.


minutes [sic] [Do not change this to Minutes. This misspelled word is how it appears in-game.], but I finally managed to do it. As my eyes adjusted to the dim light of my new surroundings, I realized that I was standing before Lord Vivec himself. He was simply staring at me... floating above his throne and staring at me with his piercing eyes. When I began to prostrate myself as a sign of respect, he held up one of his hands as if to say it wasn't necessary. Was I dead? Was Lord Vivec pleased with me? Was he



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