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"Many are dead in the land of the Dunmer. Even St. Jiub, who drove the cliffracers from Vvardenfell, has fallen to the daedra hordes."
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Jiub is a Dunmer ghost who may be found in the Soul Cairn. In life, he was a prisoner in the boat which the Nerevarine took to Morrowind, and eventually became a saint. He died during the Oblivion Crisis, where his soul was captured by Mehrunes Dagon.


Jiub's early life was dark and a time that he himself deeply regrets. Murder was always in demand in his homeland of Morrowind, and so he worked as a low-grade assassin to feed his skooma addiction. It was a choice that led to his eventual incarceration.[1]


Jiub was sent to prison after a failed assassination on a high-ranking official of House Redoran. A rival assassin from the Morag Tong reached his target first and alerted the guards to cover his tracks. Jiub was sent to jail in Vivec City after his trial.[1]

Upon his release in 3E 427, he was transferred by ship alongside the Nerevarine, who had been sent from the Imperial City, to Morrowind.[2] It was at this time he decided to turn his life around to seek redemption. He felt compelled to give something back to the people of Morrowind, so he decided to embark upon a crusade against the Cliff Racers who plagued his homeland.[1]


In the following years, Jiub sought out and slayed the winged menace across the ashlands of Morrowind and beyond. On one occasion, a Cliff Racer he was pursuing led him into an ambush. According to Jiub, the entire nest attacked him - but over the course of two full days Jiub was victorious after killing seventy six of them.[3]


For his efforts in wiping out the Cliff Racers from Vvardenfell, he was sainted by the Tribunal Temple.[4] He became a hero across the region of Morrowind and even had a festival, known as Saint Jiub's Fair, named after him.[5]


During the events of The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, Jiub later moved to Kvatch in Cyrodiil to focus on his writing, but his life was tragically cut short when an Oblivion Gate opened outside the city in 3E 433. His soul was captured by a Dremora during the attack on the city and sent to the Soul Cairn.[1]


Impatience of a SaintEdit

The Dragonborn can interact with the spiritual essence of Jiub and accept a quest to find the pages of his first volume of his autobiography; its pages are scattered across the barren landscape of Soul Cairn.

Jiub also mentions life in Morrowind and Cyrodiil and how he was imprisoned. When he is first encountered he is under the impression that he is imprisoned in Tamriel, although he has no idea how he came to be imprisoned or that he has been dead for over 200 years.


Quote Audio
"Now what was it I said to that prisoner? "Stand up, there you go. You were dreaming..." Yes, that was it."
Jiub SK 1
"Was it "Between the forces of good and evil."? No, no... that's not it..."
Jiub SK 2
"Was it "Having the adoration of thousands..." No, wait. I could make it "the adoration of tens of thousands.""
Jiub SK 3
"I wonder how many copies I'll sell? Hundreds? Thousands? I'll hire the finest bookbinder I can find."
Jiub SK 4
""And without any regard for my safety, I fearlessly charged the enemy!" No, much too dramatic..."
Jiub SK 5
"Damn it. How could I be so foolish?"
Jiub SK 6
"'Saviour of Morrowind." Hm, that's good but it sounds too narrow of scope..."
Jiub SK 7
"Did I start with my ride on the prison ship, or was it before that?"
Jiub SK 8
"I can't believe I lost those pages."
Jiub SK 9
"Hm. Did I call it "The Great Hunt" or was it just "The Hunt?" Bah, I can't remember!"
Jiub SK 10
"When I rewrite those pages... they'll see what they missed."
Jiub SK 11
"I miss my homeland, but I can't say that I miss all the noise!"
Jiub SK 12
"Back to visit Jiub the Magnificent, eh?"
Jiub SK 13
"I'm still hard at work on the second volume of my epic."
Jiub SK 14


  • Jiub's crusade against the Cliff Racers did not bring the species into extinction, as Mjoll the Lioness often shares with the Dragonborn about her adventures in Morrowind, where she would hunt Cliff Racers with her father. Judging from Mjoll's age, this could never have been more than one or two decades ago.
  • Jiub has his original voice from Morrowind when encountered in the Soul Cairn. He is the only Dunmer since Morrowind to have this voice. Although the voice was to be originally included in Oblivion, it was cut from the finalized game.
  • The voice for Jiub also shares similar voices for the male Ghouls in the Fallout series, if it isn't already the same cast.



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