"My only aim is to keep the peace."


Jod is a Nord warrior serving as the Housecarl of Skald the Elder and the Guard Captain of the guard in Dawnstar.


Jod takes his duty and his loyalty to the town seriously.


He was an Imperial Legionnaire who fought in the Great War on a ship against the Thalmor, and seems to respect the Legion and its warriors, unlike Skald the Elder, his lord.


If the player discards the armor issue they were given after joining the Stormcloaks, Jod will confront the player, asking if he can take it.


  • "I should bash your face in after all you've done." (in exile)
  • "Jarl Skald is upset over the loss of Dawnstar. I'll admit, it's less I have to worry about." (in exile)
  • "You should leave. Skald gets upset around Imperials." (in exile)
  • "I'm Skald's housecarl and head of his guard in Dawnstar."
  • "Skald is very... vocal about his hatred of the Empire."
  • "The tenacity of the Imperial Legion is legendary. We need to be ready for them."
  • "I served in the Great War against the Thalmor. I remember how bravely a Legionnaire can fight."