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"I'm Jofnir Iceblade. Former master of the Fighters Guild."

Jofnir Iceblade is a Nord who served as the original leader of the Fighters Guild. After he dies, the guild is taken over by Sees-All-Colors. Depending on which faction the Vestige joins, he will appear in either High Rock, the Summerset Isles or Morrowind.


Anchors from the HarborEdit

The Guildmaster of the Fighters Guild wants the Vestige to perform a task for her.

The Dangerous PastEdit

Sees-All-Colors has had Doshia's Journal translated. From it she believes she may have discovered information relating to the mysterious Mortuum Vivicus. The Vestige have been asked to report to Guildmaster Sees-All-Colors at the Guildhall. They should talk to her as soon as possible.


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