"One more coin and I can get a pair of shoes."
―Jorck the Outcast[src]

Jorck the Outcast quote

Jorck the Outcast is a Nord beggar found on the streets of Bruma. His bedroll and food bag are located behind Arnora's House.

Like all beggars, he will ask for gold for food and shoes. He can be bribed to give information about the Thieves Guild. He is the only beggar to give information about spies in the city.


Finding the Thieves GuildEdit

The Hero will be introduced to Armand Christophe.

Speechcraft TrainingEdit

The Altmer Tandilwe requests the Hero to talk to every beggar in the Imperial City, before she can offer training in Speechcraft.


Mythic Dawn agents have discovered the location of Martin and are spying on activity in Cloud Ruler Temple. Captain Steffan and his men have noted their activities, and these spies must be eliminated before they take action.