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Jouane Manette is an Elder Breton found in Rorikstead.


He fought alongside Rorik during the Great War. When Rorik was seriously wounded by an Aldmeri soldier, Jouane saved his life.

After the war, Rorik went back to the settlement of Rorikstead which he owned. Jouane moved there with him, and admits that he is happy to live out the rest of his days in Rorikstead with his good friend.

It is heard that he teaches Sissel as she says, "Someday soon I'll stop being afraid. Jouane is teaching me magic. He says I'm really good."


Lemkil will send a letter to the player character if Jouane Manette is killed, saying:

"I am aware of your recent assault on Jouane Manette. Rest assured that I have no interest in that particular matter. I do, however, have an interest in your willingness to employ force when the need arises. If you are willing to assist me, I will gladly pay for your troubles. Next time you are visiting Rorikstead, please call on me."

He will not give any quests when he is approached but if the Dragonborn assaults one of his daughters, a quest marker will say "Report success to Lemkil." If Lemkil is approached after, he will say "Ha! There's nothing like a few cuts and bruises to drive home a point, huh?" then 50 gold will be recieved but the quest won't complete.


  • Sissel also wants him to teach her "fire magic," but he will only agree to teach her how to put out candles.
  • He doesn't believe in Talos worship.


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