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  • Location: [?]
  • Author: Elias


Day 10:

I have been traveling for days without a clue as to my bearings. The forest is dark and I hear the clattering of creatures in the night. I have taken to not lighting a fire at night and braving the cold. I don't want to attract any attention. Day 13:

I could have sworn I saw fleeting images of Elves through the trees. Perhaps it's my mind playing tricks on me as everytime I turn to follow, the images disappear. Perhaps someone is playing a trick on me. Day 15:

I was bitten by the largest spider I have ever seen. The wound looks to be festering. My travel rate has deteriorated significantly. I fear I may never make it home. Day 16:

I have seen them. In my weakened state, it appears that my pursuers have grown bolder. Perhaps they are following my torch.


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