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Jug of Milk

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Jug of Milk
Jug of milk
1 WeightIcon
Base Value:
3 GoldIcon
Additional Effects:
Restore 2 points of Health
Type: Food
FormID: xx003534

Jug of Milk is a type of food found in The Elder Scrolls V: Hearthfire.


  • Can be bought from traders (notably Marise Aravel).
  • Can be found in bandit forts as random loot and on bandits in the wild.
  • One will spawn periodically above the fireplace in the Main Hall of a completed mansion, and three will spawn in the Kitchen wing.
  • One will spawn every day in a cabinet in the kitchen wing but only if a cow is living in the animal pen and all furnishings inside the kitchen are in place. If not removed, they will accumulate to a maximum of seven.
  • Can be purchased from most innkeepers.
  • Can be looted off of Thalmor Justiciars.


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