"Julienne Fanis. I'm the Alchemy Expert. At least, the best the Mages Guild has."
―Julienne Fanis[src]

Julienne Fanis

Julienne Fanis is a Breton alchemist who works for the Arcane University in the Imperial City. She can decipher the book Knightfall and sell ingredients. She is also the only supplier of Refined Frost Salts.


Most of the time, Julienne resides in the Lustratorium. When she is needed for a quest, similar to Tar-Meena, she appears in the Arch-Mage's Lobby if the Hero is not a member of the University.


Tears of the SaviorEdit

Julienne offers insight into the Garridan's Tears coveted by S'drassa revealing the location of the tears as well as the lore behind them.

Alchemy AcquisitionsEdit

Arch-Mages can ask her to collect potion ingredients.


Julienne sells ingredients needed for Alchemy. Of her wares, she is the only alchemist to sell Refined Frost Salts. She buys ingredients, potions, and apparatuses. It is inadvisable to sell anything to her, since her purchasing power is limited to 15 GoldIcon, most basic brews ranging from 12–20 GoldIcon each, requiring them to be sold one at a time.