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Juniper Shrine is an unmarked location found in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.


The Juniper Shrine is located Northwest of Valthume, further up the path from a small Forsworn camp past a burial tomb site.

A nearby burial tomb can be found, containing various items and gold as well as a chest containing the skill book Light Armor Forging. Reachwind Burial Mound (an unmarked location).

A nearby Forsworn camp will contain 3 Forsworn enemies; a Forsworn, a Forsworn Forager and a Forsworn Shaman. If a side has been chosen in the Skyrim Civil War questline, soldiers from your chosen side may be at the site and help you defeat the Forsworn there. One of the tents in the camp contains a chest with levelled loot. Forsworn Camp: Reachwater River (an unmarked location).

Notable ItemsEdit



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