Juranda-ra is the Clan Mother of the Laughing Moons Plantation.[1] She is struggling with Inspector Tarma, a member of the Thalmor currently investigating rumors of vermins found the property.


A Pinch of SugarEdit

Juranda-ra is worried about failing an inspection due to the senche-tigers not killing the rats. She will ask the Vestige to talk to Cinder-Tail, who will explain what is wrong with the Senche-Tigers. After destroying the nests, she can be seen talking to Inspector Tarma.


Dialogue starting the "A Pinch of Sugar" quest:

"First the hurricane, then rats from the sea. What next, flying mudcrabs? S'rendarr's mercy, we need more time before the inspection!"

Inspection? What inspection? "Dominion inspectors. Headwoman Harrani requested their aid to stop smugglers. We're honest farmers with good customers. Our moon-sugar is used to spice food, not to brew skooma! When the inspectors learn we can't protect our fields, we're finished!"
Protect them from what? "Hairy, squirmy, squeaky little rats! They've infested the plantation since the storm. The inspectors will ask, if we can't protect our fields from those dung-dropping sugar-eaters, how can we protect them from skooma-brewing thieves?"
What can I do to help? "Find out why Cinder-Tail's senche-tigers roll on their backs instead of filling their bellies with rat. Does one expect to keep his job if the inspectors find vermin in our fields?"
What will the inspectors do if they find rats? "At best? The inspectors will recommend our moon-sugar be confiscated."
What about "at worst"? "To the east, a plantation burns. Was it due to the inspectors' recommendations? Who can say? Either way, Mistral will weep for our passing. With Laughing Moons gone, skooma will flow through the streets!"
Why is that? "When moon-sugar runs dry, people turn into smugglers. With smugglers comes skooma. But the inspectors aren't from here. If we tell them, they will not listen!"
What is moon-sugar? "Ha! You pull this one's tail, yes? A white powder, very sweet, used as spice for food. Some of us believe it gives true insight into ja-Kha'jay, where all fates are bound. Others use it to brew skooma."
Skooma? What is skooma? "Poison. Skooma-peddlers claim a single drop lets you escape from the world. It's because drinking the stuff makes you want to drink more of it, until you want nothing else."
Tell me more about ja-Kha'jay. "It is not this one's place. The monks at Two-Moons Dance might instruct you, if you seek them out."

After getting rid of the rats:

"Clever, luring thunderbugs out of their mounds like that. A scheme worthy of Baan Dar, himself! They're all gone, then?"

I cleared away all the rats. "Excellent. Our gracious Inspector has been most patient with us. Perhaps witnessing your ingenuity will affect his findings."
Is there anything more I can do? "Jone and Jode dance kindly with you, walker. Whatever the findings of our esteemed Inspector, we're in your debt!"

When talked to again, after the dialogue after getting rid of the rats:

"You're truly one of the walkers. We would do well to learn from your efforts."



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