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Justino is an Imperial found in the pub of the Orsinium Fighters Guild, along with Sott, Spagel, and their dog Pumpernickle.


The Bat and the BabyEdit

Spagel: "Why have you called us here? What burden has been laid upon you?"
Justino: "I'm glad you've come to the city. Recently, a bat made off with my baby!"
Sott: "Wonderful. He's been hitting the skooma again!"
Justino: "Look for a bat with a baby in its mouth, that's mine!"

Good StoriesEdit

Justino: "Heard any good stories lately?"
Sott: "I heard the Winterborn have their backs to the wall. The king is pushing them out of this fine land."
Spagel: "I could tell you this story about an Elf I found... twisted in half. But I don't want to make you weep."

The BathhouseEdit

Sott: "The other day I stopped by the bath-house. Did you know they serve wine from Summerset? It made the pedicure bearable!"
Justino: "What's the name of the Argonian that works there? Great gills, lazy eye, breath smells like moon-sugar?"
Spagel: "I heard it was "Does-All-Things"."

The Imperial CityEdit

Justino: "I still feel bad about what happened in the Imperial City..."
Sott: "Oh, don't worry about it, I'm sure it'll be fine."
Justino: "That poor thing! I yanked its tail right off!"




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