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"It was not always so. Once, I ruled this Realm, a world of perfect Order. My dominion expanded across the seas of Oblivion with each passing era."

Jyggalag quote

Jyggalag (in Daedric script, Daedric JDaedric YDaedric GDaedric GDaedric ADaedric LDaedric ADaedric G) is the main antagonist in the Shivering Isles expansion and the Daedric Prince of Order. He represents logical order and deduction, and has taken account of every detail of the world and of every action that has ever taken place on Mundus or Oblivion, long before they actually happen. As a result, he believes in certainty and determinism, and that the concept of individuality is an illusion. He is the only known prince not to have a known corresponding artifact (not including the Sword of Jyggalag). Jyggalag only appears in The Elder Scrolls IV: Shivering Isles.


Ties with SheogorathEdit

Jyggalag was at one time one of the most powerful of the Daedric Princes; he was so powerful that the other Princes began to fear him and his power. As a result, they cursed him to live in opposition of everything he stood for, to live the life of a madman and bring chaos and insanity rather than order and logic. Henceforth, Jyggalag became known as the Daedric Prince of Madness, Sheogorath.

However, Jyggalag is allowed to return to his original form once after every era, an event known in the Shivering Isles as the Greymarch. During this period, Jyggalag's personality resurfaces and exerts control over "his" realm to summon the Knights of Order—his emotionless, vicious minions—to attack and burn everything in the Isles to the ground. Near the end of the Greymarch, Sheogorath "leaves" the Isles and Jyggalag appears in person to finish the Isles off. In reality, Sheogorath simply transforms into Jyggalag. Sheogorath then "returns" to recreate the Isles and its inhabitants, causing both identities suffering.

Apotheosis of the Champion of CyrodiilEdit

After the death of Uriel Septim VII, the Greymarch began once again. This time, however, Sheogorath sent an "invitation" of sorts to Mundus in the form of a strange door. The Hero of Kvatch went through and met with Sheogorath, who appointed them his champion. Through the Champion's actions, Jyggalag's plans were foiled. Jyggalag was forced to confront the Champion one-on-one, and was defeated. His defeat, however, released Jyggalag from his curse. Jyggalag, again free to wander Oblivion in his true form, disclosed his story to the Champion and named them the new Prince of Madness before departing.


Quote Audio
"Jyggalag walks once more!"
Jyg 1
"The Lord of Order shall rule this Realm!"
Jyg 2
"Are you the best the Madgod could muster?"
Jyg 3
"Kneel before the might of Jyggalag!"
Jyg 4
"Another of Sheogorath's foolish schemes!"
Jyg 5
"This ends as it always does. Order shall reign!"
Jyg 6
"Bow before the power of Order!"
Jyg 7
"The Realm of Madness is mine!"
Jyg 8
"Enough! I am beaten. The Greymarch is ended."
Jyg 9
"For millennia this drama has unfolded, and each time, I have conquered this land, only to be transformed back into that gibbering fool, Sheogorath."
Jyg 10
"The other Princes, fearful of my power, cursed me with Madness, doomed me to live as Sheogorath, a broken soul reigning in a broken land."
Jyg 11
"Once each era, I was allowed my true form, conquering this world anew. And each time I did, the curse was renewed, damning me to exist as Sheogorath."
Jyg 12
"Now, though, you have ended the cycle. You now hold the mantle of madness, and Jyggalag is free to roam the voids of Oblivion once more."
Jyg 13
"I will take my leave, and you will remain here, mortal. Mortal...? King? God? It seems uncertain."
Jyg 14
"This Realm is yours. Perhaps you will grow to your station. Fare thee well, Sheogorath, Prince of Madness."
Jyg 15





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