"So, I assume you're the one who's been sent to track us down. Damn stone was more trouble than it was worth"

K'Sharr quote

K'Sharr is a Khajiit found near the Silver Road.


The Fighters Guild was hired to track K'Sharr and his comrades down after they stole the The Stone of St. Alessia from the Chapel of Talos in Bruma.

When he is found he is the only thief left; after they left Bruma they were ambushed by ogres and he was the only one to escape. He will say that the ogres took the stone and headed into the mountains.


The Stone of St. AlessiaEdit

K'Sharr needs to be interrogated about the location of the stone, as his band were the ones that stole it prior to the ogres' attack.


  • After the quest is completed, K'Sharr will stay on the road.