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Kagrenac, sometimes referred to as Kagrnak,[1] was a brilliant magecrafter and engineer of the Dwemer, having gained many titles such as "High Priest," "High Engineer," and "Chief Tonal Architect." He was most known for his work within the field of mythopoeic forces[2] and for constructing the first Numidium.[3] His own theories in making a new god is written in the book Divine Metaphysics.[4]


When Dwemer miners discovered the Heart of Lorkhan,[5] he began studying in ways to tap into its power, in his search for the secrets of immortality.[2] He created three tools to manipulate the divine power of the Heart: the dagger Keening, the hammer Sunder, and the gauntlet Wraithguard.[5]

After peace was established between the Chimer and Dwemer, Kagrenac had secretly begun working on the Heart of Lorkhan in order to make a new god that they could possibly use to claim Resdayn for their own. However, his schemes was discovered by Dagoth Ur and House Dagoth, which led to the The War of the First Council.[6][7] Some accounts say that Dagoth Ur slew Kagrenac,[7] while others claim that he used the three tools on the Heart of Lorkhan and all the Dwemer disappeared from Tamriel.[6]



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