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Not to be confused with Saint Kaladas.
"A' course, Kaladas was a drunkard and the damn fool ran his own ship a'ground in Anvil a'fore we could any real piratin' done."
Torradan ap Dugal[src]

Kaladas was a Pirate sea captain who was based in Hammerfell[1], the homeland of the Redguards.[2] In Hammerfell, Kaladas hired Torradan ap Dugal[1], a Nord from Dunbarrow in Skyrim[3] who would eventually found the Red Sabre[4], as his midshipman for a pirating voyage.[1] Kaladas; however, was a notorious drinker and ended up crashing his ship near Anvil in Cyrodiil.[1] Extremely embarrassed by his errors, Kaladas drank himself to death in an Anvil tavern.[1]



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