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"We're rather busy here, as I'm sure you can plainly see. We recently opened this guild hall at the invitation of the king. Now if only we could get him to provide us with more suitable facilities."
―Kalina Telvanni[src]

Kalina Telvanni is a Dunmer mage found in the Orsinium Mages Guild in the city of Orsinium. She is a member of the Mages Guild and a part of the Dunmer House Telvanni.

Speaking with Kalina Telvanni uncovers that she, similar to other members, is unsatisfied with the Mages Guild facilities provided by the King Kurog.


  • "This weather! It's fit for Orcs and Nords, of course, but it does terrible things to my skin. Ah, well. Life in the Mages Guild and all that, I suppose. Still, I continue to petition for a post in Mournhold. Maybe one day..."


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