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"I believe in the transforming power of honest work. I honor your vocation as adventurer. By your labors and their fruits, you praise Zenithar."
―Kantav Cheynoslin[src]

Kantav Cheynoslin is an Imperial priest of the Nine Divines found at the Great Chapel of Zenithar in Leyawiin. He spends most of his time in the chapel, and can be found wearing a Black and Burgundy Outfit.

His day starts at 6am, when he wakes up and goes to the alter to pray. He will then walk about the Chapel until noon when he will leave for lunch at the Three Sisters' Inn. After lunch he will walk around town and talk to the people before heading back to the chapel for dinner. After eating he will spend some time in the graveyard before going back inside. If the weather wont allow him, he will stay inside the chapel instead visiting the town.


  • At night he may wake up randomly, wander around the chapel and then returns to bed.
  • Kantav will follow the Hero around to keep them in sight while they visit the chapel, the same way shopkeepers do.


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