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"Interested in a set of new clothes? Something in silk, perhaps? No one ever leaves my shop empty handed."

Kareem Winvale is an Breton clothier who resides in the city of Daggerfall. Kareem owns his own shop, located next door to the bank of Daggerfall at Tradesman's Square. He plays an important role in the quest "Blood and the Crescent Moon."


Blood and the Crescent MoonEdit

Guards will comment about a dog, which, if spoken to, will lead the Vestige to the dog's former owner's deceased body. This quest involves speaking to three merchants, listed on the Daggerfall Market Shopping List, in order to solve the mystery.

Interested in a set of new clothes? Something in silk, perhaps? No one ever leaves my shop empty handed.
I'm looking for a cloak with a crescent emblem.
Dead? Rugged fellow, had a dog? That's Roy. Well, that was Roy. I'm sorry he's dead, but I'm not surprised. If you figure out what Roy knew and who killed him, I'm sure someone will reward you. It's also a good way to get yourself killed.
Were you and Roy good friends?
I guess. I liked Roy. He watched out for the merchants around here. And, in exchange, we helped Roy. I listened and let Roy know what people were saying. If we ever told him something important, Roy made sure the right people were informed.
Tell me more about Roy.
Roy was a good man. Loyal to Daggerfall. People trusted him. Even that old dog loved him.


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