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"We are merchants, yes. From a far-away land. We bring strange and exotic goods to the people of Orsinium. Onve we're set up and open, this one will be happy to show you our wares."

Karina is a Khajiit residing in the city of Orsinium.


Invitation to OrsiniumEdit

The Vestige must talk to Karina in order to find Gulug in Orsinium.

"This is our spot. Go find your own! We'll set up our stall when we're good and ready and not a moment before."

I couldn't help overhearing. Any idea where I can find Gulug? "We are new to this city. Where the one we do business with goes, we do not know. But when he left us, he headed east, toward the Residential District. Of course, all the districts of this city look the same to this one."

Can I ask what business you're in? "Curious, are you? Our business is quite legal, rest assured. Not all Khajiit practice illicit trades, no matter what you may have heard. We sell elixirs of health... cures for illnesses, headache remedies, those sorts of things."
You sell medicine? "That is a word, yes. The best for the best price. You won't find a lower price in the city -once we're actually open. But if it's Gulug you seek, just follow the smell. It is quite prominent and it lingers like unwanted house guests."


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