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For other uses, see Karita.
"Walking the Steps. Meditating on the emblems. I make this trip every few years."


Karita is a Nord found on the steps of the Throat of the World.


The Dragonborn can find Karita sitting in front of one of the etched tablets on the steps of the Throat of the World. She is most commonly encountered at the shrine just before the Frost Troll encounter. 

She says that she is a pilgrim, and that she would "prefer to leave it at that". She tells the Dragonborn that she makes the pilgrimage to the mountain every few years, and was outside Ivarstead when she heard the Greybeards shout "Dovahkiin".

She wears Scaled or Studded armor, depending on the Dragonborn's level. She also carries a leveled war axe and dagger. She usually has any type of circlet, a Ring of Minor Wielding, and an Amulet of Talos.


  • "Keep an eye out for wolves if you're headed up the path to High Hrothgar."
  • "Just a pilgrim. I'd prefer to leave it at that, if you don't mind."
  • "I was just outside Ivarstead when it happened. It's an exciting moment. Nothing like this has happened in centuries."


  • She shares her name with the bard in Windpeak Inn in Dawnstar.
  • Once the Dragonborn has reached High Hrothgar, Karita is disabled from the map permanently.


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  • Karita's Amulet of Talos is sometimes bugged, causing it to become a quest item if it is looted.


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