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SkyrimTownIcon  Karthwasten
TESV Karthwasten 2
Karthwasten on Map
Hold The Reach
Location Northeast of Markarth
West of Rebel's Cairn
Type Town
Sublocations Sanuarach Mine
Fenn's Gulch Mine
Quests Settle ownership of the mine
The Heart of Dibella
Characters Ainethach
Lash gra-Dushnikh

Karthwasten is a small settlement in The Reach along the banks of the Karth River.


Karthwasten has several houses that contain silver ingots and ore and two silver mines. The Dragonborn visits here in order to start the quest The Heart of Dibella. When the Dragonborn first arrives here, two groups are in a heated debate over the mine. There is a miscellaneous quest to determine who has control of the mine.

  • If all of the Silver-Blood mercenaries are killed or persuaded to leave, the reward is a leveled amount of gold.
  • It is also possible to persuade Ainethach to sell his mine. Report back to the mercenary leader in the mine and he will give a leveled reward in gold.
    • The Dragonborn can then kill him along with his entire crew then report back to Ainethach to get another reward.


  • Two smelters are located here, one outside of each mine.
  • In Season Unending, it is stated that a massacre took place here, the details of this ordeal are unknown. 
  • Sometimes, when leaving Sanuarach Mine (the largest of the two mines), the corpse of a hagraven will be lying outside by the smelter. Very rarely, this hagraven will carry an empty black soul gem.



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  • Directly southeast of Karthwasten near where a nirnroot plant is found, another nirnroot plant can be heard on the opposite side of the river, near the canyon wall. Using console commands, the nirnroot can be found below the ground where the cliff meets the water.



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