"My injuries are not serious. What are a few more scars to an old warrior? Scars have the virtue of reminding us that our past is real. My students, and my home, have not fared half so well. I'm glad to see you, but curious why you are here."

Kasura is an old childhood friend of Blademaster Sai Sahan and a former instructor at the Abbey of Blades in the Valley of Blades in Hammerfell, which was where Sai Sahan trained to become a warrior during his childhood. Kasura taught the art of body, blade and brilliance to the students there.


Valley of the BladesEdit

She, along with Sai, the Vestige and Lyris Titanborn, was present when the forces of Molag Bal assaulted the Abbey and razed it to the ground, but she left mostly unscathed, with just minor injuries.


  • Kasura also taught Sai at the Abbey when he was a child, indicating she has been an instructor for nearly her whole life.