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For the the enemy in Online, see Kathutet (Online).
"You speak directly like one of my people almost. I'm glad I did not kill you immediately."

Kathutet is a unique Dremora found in Mankar Camoran's Paradise. He guards the exit from the Savage Garden into the Flooded Grotto and he holds the Bands of the Chosen. He will stop the Hero of Kvatch and speak with them, giving them a choice on how they wish to attempt to pass him. He tells the Hero that killing them would grant him great honor, but so would getting the Hero's service, and will offer a choice out of respect for the Hero's skill.

He will ask for a service of the Hero to release Anaxes, a Xivilai who has been trapped to prevent his torture. Freeing him will please Kathutet and will give the bands as a reward. Killing him can bypass freeing Anaxes and the Bands can be taken from his body.



The Hero should prepare themselves to travel to Camoran's Paradise and take back the Amulet of Kings from Mankar Camoran. When they are ready, they should meet Martin in the Great Hall at Cloud Ruler Temple.


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