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Katria is a Nord ghost encountered during the quest "Lost to the Ages".


She was an adventurer who discovered Arkngthamz and who later discovers the Aetherium Forge with the Dragonborn. She kept a journal and was the owner of the bow Zephyr.

Katria entered the ruins of Arkngthamz in hopes of finding a way to prove that her former student, Taron Dreth, stole her work and published it as his own in the book, The Aetherium Wars. She hoped that finding the forge and crafting something from it would prove that Taron was a fraud. During her journey into the ruins, she was unable to reach her goal, setting off a trap that caused a massive earthquake. As she tried to escape, the ground opened up underneath her and she fell to her death.

Quests Edit


  • If her armor is taken from her body, she will complain about the Dragonborn not leaving her with her dignity. Oddly enough, eating her corpse as a werewolf or with the Ring of Namira equipped provokes no such complaint.
  • For some reason, her ghost is detectable with the Detect Life spell and is invisible to the Detect Dead spell. She also responds to healing magic as a living creature would.
  • If her ghost is "killed" by the player, she quickly reappears and sarcastically asks the Dragonborn if it made them feel any better.
  • Unlike many ghosts, she is substantial enough that the Dragonborn cannot walk through her, (even though she cannot pick up items). She also asks the Dragonborn to open a locked door during the quest, even though she should be able to walk through the door.
  • While Katria's corpse has two steel daggers on it, her ghost uses two Skyforge steel daggers. This is probably done to increase the damage Katria deals as a ghost, while the daggers will still look the same.
  • Despite being the ghost of a Nord, Katria cannot be found in Sovngarde during the main questline.
  • If you cast Courage on Katria, her body will turn corporeal until the effect wears off, at which point she will regain her ghostly effect. She does, however, retain her ghostly glow for the spell's duration.
  • She has a unique class of the same name.


This section contains bugs related to Katria. Before adding a bug to this list, consider the following:

  1. Please reload an old save to confirm if the bug is still happening.
  2. If the bug is still occurring, please post the bug report with the appropriate system template  360  / XB1  ,  PS3  / PS4  ,  PC  / MAC  , depending on which platform(s) the bug has been encountered on.
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  • It is possible for Katria to appear human instead of her being a ghost.
  •  360  It is possible to pickpocket her just before she talks to the Dragonborn, causing her to turn hostile and attack. One should be aware that, while hostile, she is immortal and cannot be killed. Thus, the quest she gives may not be able to be completed. Leaving and re-entering the location will render "killable", fixing the glitch. However, pickpocketing her after rejecting her offer to join forces makes her "killable", however, she will still respawn and continue to attack.
  • Her corpse may not have her journal on it.
  • If the Player returns back to the entrance of Arkngthamz while Katria is following the Player for her questline, without triggering her reaction to stay and wait for your return (walking back through the initial hallway from which you came) using unethical means, (console or on 360 and ps3, using a plate/bowl/platter to clip through a wall and teleport back to the start of Arkngthamz while she is still following the player) she will follow the Dragonborn (like she does in the quest) outside of the quest area, everywhere the Dragonborn goes, and will act as if the Dragonborn is still progressing through her questling. She is increadibly useful as she does not count as a follower, so the Dragonborn can have her and another follower at the same time (although that means follower commands, and trading items are not possible with Katria), she can be shot with a more powerful arrow then she has currently equipped and will equip that arrow in place of her own, and counts as essential, so she will never die. If the Player wants Katria to leave the Dragonborn, they would have to travel back to Arkngthamz until the trigger is hit for Katria to leave the Dragonborn and wait for his/her return.

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