Kavzind is a Redguard found in the city of Orsinium, Wrothgar.


Upon meeting Vestige, Kavzind is hiding from his partner, Yisraza.

"Is there something I can do for you?"

You seem upset. "You're right. And I don't see how you talking to you is going to help. Sorry, I'm having a terrible day. My partner and I were getting ready to close a very profitable trade deal when all my papers were stolen! I think I was pickpocketed."
Can I help? "I suppose you could kill me. Yes, one swift swing of your weapon and then I won't have to worry about this anymore. No, no. I'm just kidding. Mostly"
Where did you see your papers last? "In my pocket, of course! That's why I think I was pickpocketed! Look, I understand you're trying to help, but there's nothing you can do. Just leave me alone! I'm just ... I just have to think."