Keeper of Bones is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls Online.


I found a talking skull named Dringoth near the Bone Orchard. He wants me to piece him together so he can help thwart Worm Cultists in the area.

Quick walkthroughEdit

  • Recover Dringoth's bones from the Worm Cult
  • Assemble Dringoth
  • Talk to Dringoth
  • Investigate dig site
  • Talk to Spinner Amariel
  • Enter the Barrowbough
  • Awaken Nirenan
  • Witness the gathering of bones
  • Talk to Olphras (Choose to save Dringoth or not)
  • Repel the Worm Cult
  • Talk to Olphras


The Vestige finds a talking skull on the ground north of the Southpoint Wayshrine. It is Dringoth. He says that Worm Cultists are creating undead in the Orchard. The Vestige ties Dringoth's skull to their belt and finds the rest of him scattered around the Orchard.

Once the Vestige puts him back together, they find out what the Worm Cult is doing in the Orchard. Dringoth gives one of his ribs to allow the them to control the other skeletons. The Vestige finds a large skull. The Worm Cult is trying to dig up the other big skeletons in Barrowbough.

The Vestige enters Barrowbough with Spinner Amariel's and Dringoth's help.

Dringoth's quotesEdit

  • "Ah, quite the view from up here. I meant the landscape—don't get any ideas." —When one puts him on their belt
  • "Alright, let's find the rest of me. Try searching the Wormie Camp, knocking some skeletons around until I get sought out." —Arriving at the Worm Cult Camp
  • "Hahaha! That tickles." ,"Look at all the dirt on my bones!" and "My pelvis is filthy! What did these Wormies do—use it as shovel?" —When looting skeletons
  • "Charging off like Fildenir Blood-Drunk, eh? Don't expect me to lend a hand. Perhaps a rib will do?"