"The cursed disease of vampirism comes in many different forms, and it's said there are more than a hundred different vampire clans in Tamriel. There are at least four clans in Valenwood, including the Keerilth, who can escape vampire hunters by transforming into mist."
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The Keerilth Clan or the Shademist Vampires is one of the four major clans located in Valenwood. The Keerilth Clan of Vampires are known for their ability to turn into Mist. Their only weakness is water. They can be vaporized very easily. The group can be found in the Shademist Moors of Greenshade.[1]

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During the Interregnum in 2E 582, the Keerilth Clan had operated out of the Shademist Moors located on the outskirts of Woodhearth, near the township of Longhaven. For years the Keerilth Clan has terrorized the residents of Longhaven, prompting them to hire a Vampire Hunter to exterminate them from their home. Mel Adrys was a Dunmeri warrior that dedicated his life to destroying the Vampires of Tamriel. Adrys was tasked by Breduin, the leader of Longhaven with killing Faenir Blood-Letter, the leader of the Keerilth Clan. With the help of a mysterious warrior, Mel Adrys was able to destroy the Vampires of Shademist Moors, freeing the town of Longhaven from torment. But remnants of the Keerilth Clan had survived the ordeal, some remained in the Shademist Moors while others expand their group to the business side of things. Galereth was a member of the Keerilth Clan and is commonly known through myth as the Wild Witch. The only person who can cure people of Vampirism. She remained in the Shademist Moors, leaving the Wood Elves of Longhaven to their business.[2][3]

In 2E 583, the Keerilth Clan had involved themselves to treasure hunting, while under the administration of a Bosmeri Vampire known as the Maiden in the Mist. There have been several moments where the Keerilth Clan had encountered the Thieves Guild of the faraway city-state of Abah's Landing. The Keerilth Clan had delved into the Glittering Grotto, in search of rare gemstones, for whatever reason they see fit. But unfortunately, the Thieves Guild was able to bypass their guards and take the gems for the Guild. At one point, the Thieves Guild Agent had encountered the Maiden in the Mist, though it is unknown whether the two had fought each other. Whatever happened to the Keerilth Clan is unknown, they have likely continued their search for gems and other oddities.[4]