"The cursed disease of vampirism comes in many different forms, and it's said there are more than a hundred different vampire clans in Tamriel. There are at least four clans in Valenwood, including the Keerilth, who can escape vampire hunters by transforming into mist."
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The Keerilth is one of the four major clans located in Valenwood. The Keerilth Clan is located in the Shademist Moors of the Greenshade region near the towns of Longhaven and Woodhearth.


The Keerilth Vampires are a secluded lot of Vampires that live in the Shademist Moors of Greenshade. What makes the Keerilth so unique is their ability to use Mist to hide from unsuspecting prey. The Keerilth stalk on the people of Longhaven and utilize Hoarvor & Werebats as battle pets to help them fight. They have one disadvantage, while in their mist form, they will not be able to move until the mist disappears. The Keerilth are also susceptible to water and can easily be vaporized while exposed to it. This was discovered by Movarth Piquine, a former Fighters Guild teacher and Master Vampire of his own coven in Hjaalmarch, Skyrim.[1][2]